A history of Marcoll company is a history of developing passions, skills and knowledge. We started as a small, family company set up in 2006 in an enterprising way and following the work culture typical of Upper Silesia. Initially, our activity was based on the competences of a design office, which was set up by drawing on a group of engineers' experience they gained during innovative and international projects. With time, the potential of our own equipment resources and shop propped up our package, and the opportunities of contracted piece, short-run and average-run production of our own or entrusted materials became a complement to the engineering services. As a consequence, we are now assisting Clients by comprehensively handling the entire production process - from the conceptual stage, through research one, up to the development stage, and then by carrying out and installing at the Client's, and also by later servicing and supporting at any stage of carrying out a project.

Our mission is to "fire up industry". We offer machines, equipment, and systems as well as research and development services as a result of which production becomes innovative, technically efficient and economical, and environmentally friendly at the same time. Marcoll is constantly developing new technologies and applying new engineering solutions, facing thereby challenges which ever growing market requirements pose, and also aiding modernisation of traditional production processes.

We are an essential participant of the regional market, developing networking and drawing on an ongoing basis on cooperation and joint design experience with research units, higher education institutions, and other companies involved in development processes in industry. We are guided by the following values:

  • Partners' trust and close cooperation,
  • constant development, continuous evolution, orientation to success,
  • flexibility, openness and adoption of new solutions,
  • resolving problems,
  • combining soft and hard skills.

We are proud of where our company is right now. We rest on solid foundations of knowledge, practical skills and realisations. When looking back, it is a source of satisfaction for us to remember the road we have followed so far. When looking to the future, we see a modern company, the leader of the trade successfully getting to grips with difficult tasks and setting a standard of services on the market. By looking back we are becoming more confident about the future.

Contact us and we will prove we are worth it!