Marcoll Sp. z o.o. launched an R&D Center, where we implement development projects, build prototypes, test new solutions and modify known technologies. Based on several years of experience of the company in the implementation of prototype solutions and knowledge of the automotive market and industry networking, we come up with an offer which includes the following services:
• rapid prototyping: incl. scanning and 3D printing,
• reverse engineer: developing 3D and / or 2D documentation, introducing changes to existing details (tools, molds, dies, parts), designing details perfectly suited to existing components, creating special tools for a specific object, optimization of the manufacturing process
• measurement laboratory: ...
• non-destructive testing: FEM analysis, strength analysis, analysis at the design stage without the need to produce a prototype using ANSYS software,
• designing: consulting and design support services using CAD Systems Siemens NX, Solid Edge, Autodesk inventor,
• conventional production: prototype production - unit production, test production (trial series for tests) and short-series production with the use of CNC machines, three-, four- and five-axis milling machines, CNC turning centers, electro-erosion machines, water jet and laser cutting, press bending edge, 3D printing in SLS technology.
The Marcoll R&D Center is present at every stage of innovative projects, thanks to its own potential and infrastructure or thanks to the relationships and contacts with industry partners developed over the years, which is why our offer is complemented by the following services:
• technical and technological consulting,
• financial consulting for companies and individuals,
• business consulting related to the commercialization and introduction of new solutions to the market.