Depending on Clients' individual needs, we have developed a few "tracks" of cooperation, namely:

  • fast track,
  • comprehensive offering,
  • problem solving,
  • long-term cooperation,
  • consultancy and support for SMEs sector.
FAST TRACK, which means simplifying procedures to the minimum and minimum lead time while maintaining the quality in the process.
COMPREHENSIVE OFFERING, which ensures optimal selection of ways as well as terms and conditions of proceeding with an offer. We desire to prepare an innovative offer which is “tailor-made” for the Client, in view of which close cooperation between the Client and the Sales Support Engineer from our company is required.
PROBLEM SOLVING is a track on which we pay special attention to selecting and proposing an optimal solution to the Client's problem. This track is like COMPREHENSIVE OFFERING, however, greater emphasis is placed on headwork and selecting adequate technology.
LONG-TERM COOPERATION is dedicated particularly to R&D projects and to strategical clients and clients of special trust. We value stable relations, therefore we are open to cooperation which is based not only on running orders, but also on development plans and strategies, prospects of new implementations as well as on processes of changes. We are willing to share knowledge, skills, and technology we have to develop innovative products and introduce major material, process, and technological modifications in already existing products. We are looking for Partners who like us want to "fire up industry".
CONSULTANCY AND SUPPORT FOR SMEs SECTOR in the form of consultations and cooperation on specific launches is a track addressed to Clients who want to develop and build their industrial portfolio, but lack knowledge, experience and technology. As the market of industrial automatics and robotics is not adjusted to the realities of Polish business, we offer solutions reproducing the functionalities and applications of leading brands' products. At the same time, we guarantee not only high quality of these products which come with a price competitive advantage, but also reliable service and after-sales care.