We are aware that on the Polish and international market, the competitiveness of companies is determined by the quality and innovation of the products or services offered. Unfortunately, developing and implementing them requires knowledge, skills and tools that are difficult and too expensive for many companies. As our mission is & ldquo; to move the industry & rdquo; & ndash; understood as creating, inspiring and supporting the industrial market in innovative development & ndash; We have launched a R & amp; R Center where enterprises, organizations, research units, universities and other companies involved in industrial development processes can test new solutions and introduce significant improvements to the existing ones .

Even though R&D projects are different from each other and require an individual approach, most of them consist of eight stages, namely:

Analysis (Analysis of an environment and potential, etc.)
Project preparation
Solution testing

Settings goals and making assumptions

Evaluation and decision to carry out or abandon the project

Carrying out the project

Finalising formalities

We will assist you at each of these stages through:
  • technical, technological and material consultancy,
  • financial consulting for companies and individuals,
  • business consultancy connected with commercialisation.
You can also count on:
  • price competitiveness,
  • short lead time,
  • team diligence,
  • business standard of cooperation.
Our R&D Centre package includes the following:
designing, , including consultancy and design support services with the use of the following systems:
  • CAD Siemens NX,
  • Solid Edge,
  • Autodesk inventor,
measuring laboratory,
non-destructive testing, including:
  • FEM analysis,
  • strength analysis,
  • analysis with the use of ANSYS software,
reverse engineering, including:
  • preparing 2D and 3D documentation,
  • making changes to existing details,
  • designing new details,
  • creating object-dedicated tools,
  • modernising the manufacturing process,
rapid prototyping using 3D scanning and printing,
conventional production, including:
  • prototype production (piece production),
  • test production (a test series for testing),
  • short-run production.